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Each 2oz's of ground coffee makes between 10 to 16 cups of brewed coffee.

Diet Plus 62 Coffee - Take the weight off while drinking your morning coffee.

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Javafit Gourmet Healthy Coffee

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We are looking to start up a team in SE Louisiana. If you love coffee then this business is a no brainer. I drink a ton of coffee every month. JavaFit is the best tasting coffee you are going to find. That is all I usually order from Youngevity every month. I give some away but when you drink 10 cups of coffee a day you go through a lot of coffee. My wife drinks the JavaFit decaf coffee. Sometimes I mix my coffee half regular and half decaf coffee. One way to consume less caffeine late in the day and still be able to go to sleep at night.

Javafit Coffee is made from high quality arabica coffee beans from the mountains of Central America. We have selected farmers that grow their coffee beans organically. Our beans are medium dark roasted and you can see the oil on the beans when you open a fresh bag of whole bean coffee. When you taste JavaFit Coffee you will never go back to what you were using. You may pay a dollar or two for a bag of coffee but it is worth every of the money you spend.

Great Tasting Diet Coffee - Lose weight drinking coffee!

Javafit Diet Plus 62 Coffee is a great tasting gourmet coffee that will help you lose weight. Try drinking a couple cups of this coffee and see for your self. It will curb your appetite plus give you plenty of energy. This is no ordinary coffee but a coffee with appetite suppressants and a little extra caffeine to satisfy your hunger. This is just one of many different coffees that JavaFit carries.

Coffee With Added Vitamins

Do you forget to take your vitamins in the morning? Do you forget to drink your coffee in the morning? If you are like most people you answered yes to the 1st question and no to the second. JavaFit has your answer. Get your coffee with vitamins in it and never forget to take your morning vitamins again. JavaFit Coffee has two different blends of coffee with multi-vitamins built into the coffee. After years of research JavaFit has designed a coffee that taste great and is fortified with multi-vitamins. You will never have to take or should I say forget to take your morning vitamins.

Javafit With A Variety Of Mushrooms

Ganoderma Coffee - Looking for a healthy coffee with ganoderma mushrooms in it? Look no further as Java Impact has a variety of medical mushrooms in its mix. JavaFit Impact is a smooth tasting coffee like no other on the market. Below are some pictures of our coffee with Impact on the right. The coffee is roasted, ground and then the mushrooms are prepared and added and mixed.

Java Impact Mushroom Coffee - 18% mushroom extract mixed with 100% high quality Arabica coffee beans.